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JTV private lessons are extraordinarily valuable one-on-one meetings between just student and teacher, where time is spent diving deeper into musical techniques and concepts explored in JTV group classes, as well as learning, cultivating, and growing the personal singer's personal voice. The students have a lot of fun in private lessons because it's all about them. We mold the private lessons to be like personal musical diaries, they help choose songs, choose warms up and games and activities, so it's really unique to each student. Say one student needs help on focus, another on pitch, another on diction and speech - we mold it to their unique talent, goals, and interests. 

Please contact us at to enroll. 

Musically we work a lot more on technique too in fun ways...

  • We work very closely on pitch and tone, because while singing a solo these specifics are amplified.

  • Focus on musical vocabulary that will be used for the rest of their lives. 

  • Deep discussions and lessons are explored regarding songs’ meanings and themes. 

  • We heighten our acting to get the feeling and mood of the songs we sing across to the audience. 

  • Learn vocabulary through lyrics.

  • Realize the private student's personal voice, range, and probable trajectory of the voice in student’s future.

  • Songs are hand chosen, presented, and taught to the student that fit his/her voice and personality.

  • The student will learn so much music and build a vast, mature, and impressive repertoire - a metaphorical grab-bag of songs for them to reach into and sing at any moment – for informal and formal performances, or even auditions later in the future.

  • Private lesson students are prepped to record solo features and entire tracks on JTV annual album recordings field trip to a professional recording studio.

  • Private lesson singers sing featured parts and entire stand alone solos at end of year JTV recitals, showcases, in addition to their group numbers, really highlighting their extra hard work.

  • Private lessons students are selected for special extraordinary performances throughout the year!

  • Private lessons students and their families are invited to our annual Spring broadway field trip!

**Students ages 1-9 must be signed up for a JTV group class in order to sign up for a JTV private lesson additionally, as we build upon foundational material and lessons learned in group classes. Singers ages 10+ may opt out of this group classes requirement.**

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